The advancement made today in technology has touched so many department in such a way, even the fishing activity has seen itself getting some new lifelike fancy expensive lures. We though as much to mention the biggest mistake always made by new learners which is over rigging or using too large of hook which currently make it to be heavier and reduces also the chance of detecting the fish strikes in their fishing presentation. Coming to that matter, the best way is to choose the lightest possible terminal tackle which possibly will be suitable for the condition and the species for the fish.25501410


First of all, you must make sure that you get well organized with some basics tools such as rig box with small compartments. It is only in this way you can find the right hook, weight, bobber for the best fishing situations. We recommand you to have a look at online casino for more entertainment.


Fishing-Kids-02If you ask the biggest fishmen, all of them will come to one agreement about choosing the smallest hook possible to be the right choice. This is because it can allow the live-bait presentation to look original. The other advantage of small hook is to penetrate quicker the fish strike. Before you go to the field, it is always recommended to test your hook for sharpness because sharp hook has the ability of catching more fish than a dull hook. In order to test it, you don’t need actually to go the river or to look for fish, just draw the hook point across your fingernail, you can tell by seeing the sharp one leaving a light scratch and digs in to your nail. Most of the time, people are misled by thinking that new hooks from the box are always sharp.

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When it comes to hook sizes, you have to bear in mind that there is no an exact size. Generally, when a single number is used such as size 12 against size 8 it is believed that the higher the number, the smaller the hook.